[thelist] Waaaay OT: Remote Access

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Mon Jan 29 17:06:31 CST 2001

What about PC anywhere?  Dial in and then use that machine's network 
connection.  I don't know personally if it will work, but in theory, it should.


At 03:29 PM 1/29/01, you wrote:
>I promise that this will be my last OT post for awhile.  I have a serious
>At home, I have two systems, one cable modem, and an unused analog modem.
>Right now, the Mac is linked to the cable modem, and I'm running router
>software on my Mac.  The second NIC in the Mac is linked to a hub, to which
>my Windows ME box is attached.
>In that Windows ME box is an unused analog (phoneline) modem.  What I'd like
>to be able to do is to dial into that modem while I'm on the road and make
>my laptop or PDA part of the network, and thereby able to use my network's
>outbound link.
>(If you're not following what it boils down to is: I want to make my own
>one-phone-line ISP, using my Windows ME box as the PPP or DHCP server.)
>Anyone have any ideas on what approach to take to doing this?
>-- Dan

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