[thelist] Dual Flip mouseovers not working

Rachell Coe rachell at coeville.com
Tue Jan 30 11:47:31 CST 2001

What a moron!!!

I was hoping the problem was going to be something stupid -- and it 
was.  Thank you both Karen and Joshua for pointing it out to me!

At 08:43 PM 1/29/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi All!
>I have just finished hand coding this web page using JavaScript, and 
>cannot figure out why I am getting errors.  I have made this JavaScript 
>work before on other Web pages, and have looked over the code as best I 
>could and could not see any reason why the coding on this page is not 
>working.  Could any of you please check out this page and see if you can 
>see what the problem is?  Its at: 
>I would really appreciate any help you can give me on this.
>Thanks in advance,
>Rachell Coe
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Thank you!

Rachell Coe
<mailto:rachell at coeville.com>Rachell at coeville.com
(541) 434-8007

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