[thelist] N6 doesn't let me view js files

Karen Bowen KarenB at frontiersoftware.com.au
Tue Jan 30 00:23:31 CST 2001

Hi 'volters,

I've just put "view-source:http://www.blah.com/myfile.js"

but N6 then gives me a popup advising:

"This file has mime type application/x-javascript and cannot be viewed using
Netscape 6.  You can open it with another application, or save it to disk."

I visited Preferences to set N6 to open this mime-type, but my "Helper
Applications" section doesn't show ANY applications set up to handle
anything, and when trying to add one for this mime-type, I get a message:

"A helper already exists for mime-type application/x-javascript, do you wish
to overwrite?"

So - does N6 not allow you to view js files?  And if it does, how do I set
it up?  And why can't I see the helper applications set up already?

Many thanks,
Karen Bowen
Web Diva
Frontier Software Australia
Phone : (03) 9639 0777
Email : karenb at frontiersoftware.com.au

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