[thelist] Online Resume

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Tue Jan 30 14:37:32 CST 2001

Hi Annie,

I asked the same question myself a few months back ... unfortunately it was
AFTER I had put together this overblown monstrosity:  

Yuck-ola!  {Is this guy full of himself or what?}     ;-)

Anyway .... I saw a bunch of nice examples from folks on the list ... pretty
much all of which stressed simplicity ... and 'printability'...

Eventually I went with a "not even bothered to clean up" Word-to-HTML page
... linked at the bottom of my home ...

... and don't forget the link to the MS-Word file (yeah - I know about the
potential  problems) ... but the headhunters are gonna ask you for it time
and time again ... so you may as well have it ready!

HTH --- and 'Good Luck'!,

Ron L.

> Anyone have examplea of good online resumes I could
> take a look at?

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