[thelist] script that works ok in IE but not in NN

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 30 19:45:32 CST 2001

> From: "Cristian Secara" <secarica at fx.ro>
> >[...] i'll offer this mirrored link [...]
> >Real-World Browser Size Stats, Part I
> >http://roselli.org/adrian/articles/browser_stats_1.asp

and the link to the evolt.org article:

> Wee ... yes, that is. I mean I didn't know about the different
> screen size report between browsers.

yeah, that's proven to be a kicker for me as well...

> However, it appears the text from Adrian Roselli is wrong !!! In
> that my IE5.5 reports the actual screen size and my NN4.08
> reports screensize-toolbar dimension (the reverse situation as
> described).

well, i'm not surprised... did i ever tell you that that guy is an idiot?  
you can tell from the crap on his site... what a luser... they 
shouldn't allow guys like him on the web...

> My results (WinME):
> IE5.5 wSP1
> 800x600 or 1024x768 either toolbar condition
> NN4.08
> 800x553 visible toolbar
> 800x581 autohide toolbar
> or
> 1024x721 visible toolbar
> 1024x749 autohide toolbar

hmmm... well, there you go... he was clearly nutzo on that one...

> No differences were encountered with the Quick Launch glued to
> right or top of screen.
> I have not Office installed, so I could not verify the Office Bar issue.

hmmm... i think i had differences with them, but now i don't 

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