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Ronald W. Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Feb 1 10:15:48 CST 2001


We do not have an AS/400 running a web site (yet).  I have been consulting and
developing on the AS/400 since 1989 and we are members in the Partners in
Development program IBM offers.  I want one in here for dev/testing/hosting and
to support our customers that run 400's.  I have been watching the progress of
the platform and tools and personally believe it is ready for mainstream web.
I wish I could share first hand experience in web dev on the platform but have
not had the opportunity yet.  I can tell you the 400 is one of the most stable
platforms I have worked on and when running well coded software under a good
configuration is a top performer.  As much as I like the AS/400 I am still a
very big fan of Linux and I am glad to the see the two getting closer together.

Ron D.

"Ewing, Christopher" wrote:

> Is anyone out there developing using WebSphere and JSP on an AS/400 system?
> We use an AS/400 to run our ERP system and we had an IBM rep inhouse
> yesterday showing us numbers about JAVA benchmarks and computations per
> second, along with cost of computation.
> Essentially, an AS/400 box out computes and outbenchmarks all the other
> boxes out there and is cheaper to run (compared to the same amount of
> information being pushed through other platforms).
> I was curious if anyone out there was on this kind of platform.
> According to our rep, HMV Records, UPS, and some other big sites were
> running AS/400's as their webservers.
> Chris
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