[thelist] Websphere, AS/400, JSP

Ewing, Christopher cewing at mooremedical.com
Thu Feb 1 09:19:48 CST 2001

Is anyone out there developing using WebSphere and JSP on an AS/400 system?
We use an AS/400 to run our ERP system and we had an IBM rep inhouse
yesterday showing us numbers about JAVA benchmarks and computations per
second, along with cost of computation.

Essentially, an AS/400 box out computes and outbenchmarks all the other
boxes out there and is cheaper to run (compared to the same amount of
information being pushed through other platforms).

I was curious if anyone out there was on this kind of platform.

According to our rep, HMV Records, UPS, and some other big sites were
running AS/400's as their webservers.


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