[thelist] Killing Note Pad - SOLUTION!

miinx miinx at miinx.com.au
Fri Feb 2 22:41:37 CST 2001

hehe...  you crack me up jeff  :)

well, I took your suggestion & visited the branch you mentioned, where I found
pretty much the same setup as yours (although I also had a N6 entry, which I
expect is added, as with NN's, on installation, and a TextPad entry - grrr cos I
uninstalled that app ages ago, and I do wish programs would pick up their

So, after deleting the TextPad key, I thought I'd try adding a new key for
notepad - and it has worked!!  I am now getting notepad in my edit list, which
points to metapad, so this now opens up for view-source - wooohooo!!

There's actually a couple of keys you need to add, basically following the
format for the Word & Netscape entries.  This is the structure of the keys:

Value Name: (Default)
Value Data: (value not set)

then add another key:  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm\OpenWithList\notepad\shell
Value Name: (Default)
Value Data: (value not set)

then add another key:  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm\OpenWithList\notepad\shell\edit
Value Name: (Default)
Value Data: (value not set)

and finally the one that does the job:
Value Name: (Default)
Data Type: REG_SZ (String Value)
Value Data: <path & filename to notepad/your notepad replacement> + %1

It is worth noting that I had to try a couple of different suffixes to the
editor path, (tried "-edit %1", "-open %1" "\n"...), and what I've ended up with
may not be exactly what is required for your own system.  A good idea for
checking this, tho, is to find a key elsewhere in the registry that already has
an entry for edit using your chosen editor, and copy the value of that one.

Incidentally, like Jeff, I also caused myself some hassle (don't actually know
how even) that is now giving me a "blah.dll cannot be found" alert box every
time I boot my system.  I can't find mention of this particular dll anywhere in
my system (so I'm guessing it's called from some .exe that loads - or tries to
load - on startup)...  so I'm stuck with this, a relatively minor casualty, but
nevertheless a good reminder for everyone to be very careful.

Cheers all, thanks for all the input on this, and HTH

jeff wrote:

> find your way to the following branch and delete the one for word (i'd
> recommend exporting it to a file first, just slap a fragile sticker on my
> forehead and call me suzy).
> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm\OpenWithList\

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