[thelist] BBEdit for PC?

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Mon Mar 5 18:26:46 CST 2001

At 06:55 PM 03/05/01, Charles Wilson wrote:
>http://www.Chami.com  has a nice little editor called "HTML-Kit"


>As far as I know it isn't spyware, just freeware/ soon to be shareware.
>It locks up when I am very low on memory and will claim all your text-type
>files if you don't tell it not to.

I moved from BBEdit to HomeSite, and would love a blend of the two... but 
after two years, HomeSite has come to feel... like home, I guess.

Recently I had to train a bunch of newbies really quickly, and we had _no_ 
budget for software.  I was pointed to First Page, from 
Evrsoft.com:  <http://www.evrsoft.com/>  It looks and handles a lot like 
HomeSite, but doesn't work with multiple files very well.  You can't beat 
the price, I'm just hoping it isn't spyware.

Supposedly they are coming out with a new version with lots of bug-fixes 
and more CSS support, so it is probably worth keeping an eye on, 
particularly for those of us with no money.



I'm looking for work in the Charlotte, NC,
metro area.  I do HTML, CSS, client management
and the usual mishmash of tasks you have to
do to build intranet sites for a big company.

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