[thelist] Hello everyone, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself.

Irise Lenoir thefreakcougio at videotron.ca
Mon Mar 12 08:43:20 CST 2001

Good day to you all !

My name is Eric (username IriseLenoir). I just joined Evolt and would
like to introduce myself, as well as asking a few questions on your

I must say that by what I read in the FAQ, this is exactly the kind of
community I've been looking (hoping) for (although I would have
appreciated you to help me with my sex appeal, but you can't have
everything, I guess).

I am not (yet) a professional (you seem to emphasis on this) web
designer, but I'm planning to fix this soon. I am a self-taught person
and am currently learning Perl and how to set up an Apache server. I
know HTML relatively well and some CSS (I want to perfect this as well
as learning JavaScript and XML, XSL.)

I strongly believe in cooperation and would like to set up a small
cooperative of workers of the web sometime in the (not too distant)
future in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). But would of course like to
collaborate and exchange knowledge with people around the world.

So, basically, I'm wondering if Evolt is really what I'm looking for,
how friendly you guys are and if I am welcome here.

I promise not to ask (too many) dumb questions, meaning that I wont
participate too much at the beginning, but will gradually contribute

That's pretty much it I think. Yea, I wanted to know why Evolt uses PHP
over Perl, if it's a question of personal preference or if PHP is much
better. I chose Perl because I liked the fact that it's not only for the
web, that I can run scripts in the shell, manage windows with TK,
configure Apache with mod_perl, ect. What do you think? Are there any
Perl programmers in the crowd?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to your answers.

--Irise Lenoir

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