[thelist] Hello everyone, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself.

Peter Barrett peterb at corel.com
Mon Mar 12 09:25:28 CST 2001

Hi Eric,
    I think you'll find evolt to be a friendly crowd, with a LOT of
knowledge collectively (I'm fairly certain there are a few perl guru's out
there, though I'm only learning myself).
    It's good to see more canadian's on the list... if you ever pop into
ottawa, we should get together for a beer :).

    Oh. And posts not directly related to web design/development need a 'tip
of the trade' to pay for their off-topicness, as it were (you'll likely grow
to appreciate this feature, it keeps the quality level high around here ;).


<tip type="Seeing shares on Windows 9x">
This is an unlikely scenario... but hey, it happened to me and took a WHILE
to figure out, so...

If you have a LOT of shares on an NT box, or long descriptions, the full
list can be too long to be displayed on a 9x machine...

The number of shares that can be created on a Windows NT computer and
displayed on a Windows 9x computer is related to the length of the share
description by the following formula:

65,536 / (CommentLength + 21) = MaxNumberOfShares
This is because the Application Programming Interface (API) that Windows
9x uses to get the share list from the NT computer is limited to a 64K
buffer. If the number of shares exceeds this, some shares will not be
listed. For example:
65,536 / (48 + 21) = 949.797 = 949 shares

Irise Lenoir wrote:

> Good day to you all !
> My name is Eric (username IriseLenoir). I just joined Evolt and would
> like to introduce myself, as well as asking a few questions on your
> community.

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