[thelist] browser differences : javascript supposedly breaks on nn 4.5 and not 4.6

Joshua Earl jearl at adel.tafe.sa.edu.au
Mon Mar 12 19:14:07 CST 2001

Hey All!

has anyone heard of a javascript function not firing from an onclick event
in Netscape Navigator 4.5.1 (Windows) and working perfectly well on all
later versions of Netscape on both Mac and Windose and in IE on both

here is the javascript;

var seperator1 = "8900";
var seperator2 = "/";
var Url ="";

function getOwnUrl(pre,post) {
        pre = new String(pre);
        post = new String(post);
        wholeUrl = window.location;
        urlStr = new String(wholeUrl);
        urlArr = urlStr.split(seperator1);
        modUrl = urlArr[1];
        modName = modUrl.split(seperator2);
        modCode = modName[1];
        fullUrl = pre+modCode+post;
        Url = fullUrl;
        go = 'window.parent.location="'+fullUrl+'"';

here is the firing HTML;


<a href="#" 
'/scripts/serve_home.pl');return false"><img src="../images/newhome.gif"
width="226" height="115" border="0"></a>


Where the file is located at;


I wish I could give logins to this, but alas I cant.

Apparently its also only an intermittent problem on the clients personal
machine. Nobdy else has problems, and I have tested using all the
Windoseboxen I can find to no avail.

My understanding was that the javascript and HTML rendering engine wasnt
upgraded after 4.07 until 6.

please confirm or shed light.

I'm on Digest, but this is a pressing matter and so I'd really appreciate
some CC'ed feedback.

Thanks in advance,


Joshua Earl
Online Development Unit
Centre for Applied Learning Systems
email = jearl at adel.tafe.sa.edu.au
Ph = 61 8 8207 8439
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