[thelist] Tweaking Dreamweaver code

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Mon Mar 12 18:37:47 CST 2001

At 6:25 AM 3/9/1, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> Maybe John D could give us some more pointers
> on how to format the code in DW 4.0

Sorry, I'd have to know the desired result before I could risk investing
time in finding the formatting pattern... I read through the previous posts
a few times and couldn't get a clear sense of the desired and so ccouldn't
reliably point the path there, thanks.

btw, different people have responded to different tutorials on customizing
output style... some like the step-by-step folksy approach, others prefer
the gritty code-y approach... searching the Macromedia site with phrase
"sourceformatprofile" pulls up a set of different articles.

At 9:17 AM 3/9/1, Charles Roper wrote:
>I'm using Ultradev 4 and there's a slight anomaly in this article. The
>relevant Javascript is actually in the IMAGE.JS file rather than the
>IMAGE.HTM file.

May very well be... I know I wrote that technote a few years ago, and there
have been other versions since then. If you find any discrepancy in any of
the technotes then adding your comment right on that page, in the "Rate
This Technote" thingy, could get the feedback directly in to the technote
editors, thanks.

At 8:25 AM 3/9/1, Sam-I-Am wrote:
> Does anyone know if you can get to the tag heirarchy in Dreamweaver
> via the keyboard? Being able to climb up and down the heirarchy would be
> sweet.. I'm using DW4 .. (am I just blanking on it.. I did look, honest)

Charles nailed it... it's the "Select Parent" and "Select Child" commands,
with that three-finger CTRL-SHIFT-angleBracket shortcut. I usually watch
the Tag Selecter in the lower-left of the design frame to see where I'm
going, and frequently CTRL-T to call up the Quick Tag Editor once I've hit
the desired entity.


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