[thelist] bizarre inquiry

Guido Fuortes guido at twomany.com
Tue Mar 13 01:13:53 CST 2001

In my website (an alpha-release), a javascript serves automatically the 
Flash-of-the-day .swf file to its visitors. Main advantage: I don't have 
to change manually the link on a day-by-day basis. Secondary advantage: 
both Fidel and Arafat will get the right movie on their screens, even if 
the difference between their countries is a 9 hours gap, and they can 
have a different date. Main drawback? An obvious one: If the Pope doesn't 
have his computer with the right date, he won't see anything, even if he 
has the right browser with javascript enabled.

I don't see many reason for someone to have the internal clock of his/her 
computer with a wrong date (when I was young, I've been using that ruse 
from time to time, to be able to use an expired piece of software, but 
actual OS are smarter than years ago). Does any of you can give me good 
reason to have the wrong date/hour set in the computer? I give another 
one: somebody travelling with his/her laptop from Duluth, Minnesota, to 
Siena, Italy, and not bothering to sinchronize the computer clock with 
local time.

Please, give me more reasons, in order to be able to evaluate the risk 
I'm taking. If you consider this post too stupid or too OT, please reply 

Sorry for those reading this message twice (it has been sent to two 
different lists). Thanks to all contributors,

guido fuortes

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