[thelist] Site review from Win 2000 please

Saidi; Marwan msaidi at ced-concord.com
Wed Mar 14 11:07:54 CST 2001

Using Win2K Professional and IE 5.01, everything looks fine to me. I have
heard of some CSS fishiness with IE 5.5 though. Maybe that is your culprit?

Marwan Saidi
CED - Concord IS
msaidi at ced-concord.com

Janice sat down, thought things over, and said....

The following site can be seen with no problems on Mac and Windows 95/98 in
Netscape and Explorer.
However... in Windows 2000, the left border is not being displayed even
though I we're using the same class technique for both the left and right
borders. Is there an easy fix? or do we need to consider a re-design?


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