[thelist] Homesite: search and replace involving invisible characters

Lise LaTorre llatorre at inmotionmedia.net
Wed Mar 14 14:32:00 CST 2001

Wow! This is the one I was looking for! I love search and replace but was
finding the inability to search for invisible characters annoying, and I was
so set in my ways, it didn't occur to me to come at it from another
approach! I also apparently forgot that the extended in 'extended s and r'
not only means the number of files one is searching, but also the lines of
code one is working with. Time to check out that tutorial to see what other
goodies I've forgotten!

Thanks for all of the great ideas - this list rocks!


Lise LaTorre
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Design and Production
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try this out:

select a grouping of text lines in homesite,

right click,


add line breaks.

as long as your text comes in long lines (not wrapped) it should add the
<br>'s to the end of each line correctly.


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	.. www.sweetillusions.org
	.. matt at sweetillusions.org

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