[thelist] Site review from Win 2000 please

Janice Tocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Wed Mar 14 16:03:16 CST 2001

Hmmm... THAT's an odd one - wonder why renaming the class would fix the
prob... ah, sometimes seems to depend on which finger I use to press the
keys as to whether the site works like a charm or blows up! <grin>
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion Kev... may give this a try...
I simply MUST find some time to install Win2000 - makes me appear quite
inept to have to keep calling my client to check and see if my fix worked...

> I had a weird CSS problem at the weekend. I had a class called mail1 and it
> wouldn't work in my browser but I had a friend check it & it worked fine. To
> get round this I had to call it mail2 and it worked.

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