[thelist] Survey solution -- URLs?

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 15:28:17 CST 2001

--- Ryan Finley <RyanF at SonicFoundry.com> wrote:
> And yet those important, SERIOUS people invest in
> Yahoo...Razorfish...Hotmail...
> ---------
Or Sonic Foundry....... I had 800 shares avg'd at
roughly $20 and rode it up above $100 and never sold! 
Sold at the end of 2000 for $2.    :(  

Unfortunately I was thinking long term and never paid
much attention to it.  Then I decided the tax
write-off was more important than hoping for a 1000%
increase just to break even.

However, Sonic Foundry products kick ass!

> Maybe I should call it SeriousSurveys.com. :) 
> Anyway, if they can't
> appreciate the name, then they can kiss my big
> monkey butt!  (I can say
> this, since I own the company...)
> --------

Anyway, I'm not trying to be mean about the name, I
just now what my clients would think.  And yes, they
are far too serious, especially when it comes to
employee surveys of 3,000 employees and HR really
needs that important data.  They feel they are putting
their jobs on the line and want to know it's in the
best care possible.  Those clients are also willing to
pay big bucks though.  

Also, be careful with what you posts on these lists. 
You never know who is watching.  :)

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