[thelist] The dreaded frameset

Edwin Martin e.j.martin at chello.nl
Fri Mar 16 18:36:28 CST 2001

Laura Lynch wrote:

>The approved design will require frames, and is a
>real PITA to get lined up properly (one of the client's favorite elements is
>a gradient on the left, bottom and right of one of the frames). I have an
>alternate design to show them (it incorporates the design elements they like
>but uses a tear off secondary menu instead of a framed secondary menu -- the
>cause of the need for frames), which is all fine and good and working
>fabulously, but I'm afraid they'll want to stick with the framed version for
>whatever reason.

This is not really the answer to your question, but maybe you can
tell them about the frames usability horror and how important
usability is and that *none* of the populair sites uses frames.

With frames, the following will break (or get difficult):
- Bookmarks
- Printing
- Titles
- Search engines (to specific pages)
- Links from other sites (to specific pages)

And (of course) I have to mention our beloved Jakob:

Edwin Martin.

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