[thelist] ani difranco fans? comments?

AtdtXav atdtxav at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 17 04:16:12 CST 2001

Me thoughts on righteousbabe.com

First of all... I love ani! *grin*  Seen her on tour twice.  

Second... the biggest issue I have with the site, more than
anything else, is you have links that don't go anywhere.  Huge
nono in my book.  As an example, www.vedbok.com has two links on
the left side that are not implemented yet.  They are greyed out
and do not act as actual links, only images.

Your FAQ and legal jive and mailing list links, which appear in
multiple places, go nowhere.  I LOVE the mouseover "fire just
waiting for fuel" as an indicator that those sections are to be
added later.

I see she has no plans to tour in MI.  I'm bummed.  However
again, I see a heck of a lot of information about ani, her tour,
her albums, etc.  I guess I don't really consider it a real
company so long as it's "ANI!!!!!  .... and the other stuff." 
Assuming that, say, Drums and Tuba are opening for her again, 
-why- do I have to go to THEIR website to find out which dates? 

Why when going to the tour menu do I see the names of each
bandmember bolded in blue... and they aren't linked?  This would
be a perfect place to link to a brief bio of each member.

The graphics, I like. :)  The animation on the front page is muy
muy slow, and honestly, if I was going to the site on my own
time I would have assumed the 3 items on the bottom (along with
the white links that don't work) was the whole kit and kaboodle.
 Patience doesn't mix with Cable. ;)

Anyway.  Totally happy to hear that you're working on ani's
site.  This is the first time I've seen an evolter work on
something I can really sink my teeth into, tastewise. :)

(besides evolt.org itself, of course)

 - Scott
   -- http://spork.ofdoom.com

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