[thelist] Some browsers behave strange with Flash

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Sat Mar 17 08:01:35 CST 2001

Hi list !

While upgrading my website, I came around strange behavior on every
mainstream browsers while displaying movies.
I did check the relevant sites and Google, but nothing came up. So I
guess this is a job for .... evolt ! :)

Ok, let's go :

IE 5 on Win2k :
IE5 sometimes crashes with a read error, for no reason when displaying
flash. Seems to happen randomly. I still have to look deeper, but I
don't know where to start from ...
If you have tricks and tips, you're welcome !

NS 4.7 on Win2k:
Flash is really slow, nearly unusable. I am displaying two big movies on
one page. I really have no clue about this one.

NS6 (and 6.01) on Win2k:
As I wanted to add a little more interactivity to my movies, I appended
variables in a GET form to my movies URL.

<object width="928" height="128">
<param name="movie"
<embed width="928"  type=application/x-shockwave-flash height="128"

But the movies did not want to show up in NS6 whereas in every other
browser they do show up (ie : no path problem)
NS6 wanted to install the Flash plugin, that was already installed.
I thought of a mime-type problem. And that was nearly that.

The way NS6 parses the SRC attribute to get the mime type seemed buggy.
So I appended to the URL ".swf" :

<object width="928" height="128">
<param name="movie"
<embed width="928"  type=application/x-shockwave-flash height="128"

And, well, the damn NS6 opened the movies correctly !

To finish this dirty workaround, I added to every of my movies the
following ActionScript :
root = root.substring(0, root.length - 4)

Of course, it is quite straightforward with one parameter, but one has
to be more careful with more parameters :)

So my issue is corrected, but I'd sure be happier without this handling

Has anyone else encountered this, I'd really like to know how he(she)
dealt with it ...



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