[thelist] CSS problem - Can you check site pls?

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Sat Mar 17 10:14:20 CST 2001

In NN 4.7 MAC: your background image gets cut off at least an inch from the
bottom because your text is not long/large enough to make the layer as tall
as the background. One option is using a seperate div and putting the image
*in* the div, rather than as a background. Or maybe the answer lies in the
"overflow" property ?...i'm sure someone else here can solve that for you.
Also your botnav is un-readably small, and your whole page is off-set from
the top and left.

On IE 5.0 and NN 6 MAC: Everything is fine, except the little box on the
right does not extend down to the bottom of your text. That is beacause you
have the height of that div set to 115px, and that is how they display it,
even though the copy is 200+PX tall.

Finally, you should always use the full URL (http:// and all) when referring
to a site, so's we can just click on the link in our incredibly advanced
mail readers instead of copying and paste-ing.


> take a look at www.mutualsupport.org

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