[thelist] CF: Tag to insert into body tag

Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
Mon Mar 19 12:20:45 CST 2001

I don't want to say that you guys are doing something wrong. As far as I am
concerned, if you can do it, it's right. (Except for CFLOOP FROM=1
TO=10000000000000000, in that case, it really is your fault.) But, I will
say that your numbers sound a bit off. I'll use my own site as an example.
Each of the sub pages on DeathClock employ a custom tag called cf_page. This
handles the look and feel of the page. I then employ a custom tag to create
a portion of the text, the intro. My pages look like this:


<CF_Page TITLE="The crap" INTRO="#INTRO#" HEADER="crap">


CF_Header does what I _should_ be using CSS for, but I haven't gotten around
to recoding it. CF_Intro simply takes the text between the tags and saves it
to a variable. (I did it this way to make my life easier, it's NOT
recommended practice.) A page like this, doing what I consider to be
'slightly' sloppy code, still runs in less than 20 ms. According to the
exploded information for the page, the custom tags amount to 0% of the page.

Ok, that being said, this is only one page, but in general, I am not seeing
custom tags do nearly as much damage as you are. Yes, they _do_ add more
time, but you should still be able to have _very_ zippy pages, know what I

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> For example, we'd use a small tag to perform some task, say insert a
> prefilled select box or something, and it would not be uncommon for that
> custom tag, of remarkably few lines, to take a huge percentage of the
> processing time.  Without the tag, the page may render in 60ms,
> but as soon
> as you add a custom tag or two the page render time jumps to
> 120ms or more.

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