[thelist] CF: Tag to insert into body tag

Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Mon Mar 19 13:26:35 CST 2001

When you call a custom tag, CF first looks in the same directory the
template is being called from.  If the tag isn't found there, it looks in
the Custom Tags directory, then recurses through subdirectories until it
find the tag.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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I'm not sure that I understand.  I may have been doing something wrong in
the past, but my understanding is that a cf_ call only pulls tags from one
prespecified folder on the server.  With that in mind, ColdFusion would only
be making a single request to the OS to grab the resource, with should incur
no more penalty than explicitly specifying which file to include.  Mind you,
if there is a way to organize custom tags in subfolders and then execute one
of them without knowing its exact path I'd be interested in this too.  It's
always been a source of aggravation to have all my tags in one folder.

Thanks for the help,

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