[thelist] Re: Business and charging practices

Marcelo Mammana light-underwater at light-underwater.com
Mon Mar 19 12:37:25 CST 2001

Hi all,
I wish to thank to all guys that follow this thread (specially to all of you
that gave me some sound advice on how to charge or to deal with a foreign
BUT, I am very sorry that most of you didn't actually follow this thread.
Instead, a lot of ink was spread on an anti-trust law discussion. Of course,
you can post whatever you want. But let me remind you what information I was
looking for: 

1) I just wanted to receive some feedback on current business practices that
I could apply in this particular case: a client that doesn't live in my own
city, that cannot come to my office to discuss and sign the contract or to
evaluate the work, or pay the bill. I hoped for some advice on how to show
the finished project, so the client could evaluate it, or the best contract
to be used via e-mail. I hoped to receive some comments on how to deal with
this situation.

2) I just wanted to know which was, in your opinion, the best way to
calculate the price: charging per hour, per project, etc.

3) I didn't want to fix any standard price. I just wanted to know if what I
supposed was a fair price was just ok from your point of view. You know,
some "don't be idiot, that's too low" or "you are crazy, that's too high"
kind of answer. May be this goes against the law. I don't think so, but I am
not a lawyer.
I sincerely think that the US gov. doesn't have neither the money nor the
will to expend in an extradition of a nice little guy from Argentina, just
because he asks for information in a web forum. I don't even think that the
US gov. want me to testify, be that in person or by written dispositions. I
don't even think US gov. care about me! May be I'm wrong and in a couple of
weeks I am visiting Lincoln Memorial for free! No, I don't think so.

I am not here to say what you must write or say in this forum, but, if some
of you wish to re-read my post and want to give me some advice on how to
deal with this, I will really appreciate it.
Just in case, don't post any figures!
Best regards,

Marcelo Mammana
Buenos Aires, Argentina

                       mm at light-underwater.com


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