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phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 13:23:00 CST 2001

>> If you're got a budget, there's another Darwin server
>> from a company called Entera, which has been out for
>> a lot longer and has much nicer people behind it. They
>> ported Darwin to Linux about 2 years ago, before
>> Apple bothered to try.
> Replying to my own posts now (pay attention, John)
> Entera are supposed to be at www.entera.com, which
> isn't responding here at the moment.  Server's
> definitely there, though :-)  The other thing I
> should have mentioned before is that Entera's
> offering costs money.

ah yes, the attraction to Darwin is that it is free - great, especially when
we were told RealVideo streaming was getting close to 600 quid a month
> Meanwhile have a shufty at
> http://www.streamingserver.org where there are links
> to several other simialr projects.

cheers for the thoughts, I too tried entera.com but didn't get very far, but
quickly read a bit about it on streamingserver.org which sounded
interesting. I will read more on this.

As far as the install base goes, we already have a large number of our users
with quicktime already in use as the current site has movies to download.
For new users we were prepared to offer it as a download as much of the
original content will remain in quicktime format.


Phil :)



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