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> I would appreciate some feedback on the following questions:
> 1) Do you charge per hour, per page, per project?

We charge per project, based on an estimate of how long
I think it will take us (plus a couple of weeks for safety).
Essentially that makes it a per-hour, but I rarely meet
clients who are prepared to sign up to payment by the
hour.  By that I really mean that by putting a cap on
the price we (a) usually win accounts against companies
which refuse to do so and (b) alternatively, cause a
client to not just decide against doing a site at all.

> 2) My initial charging proposal would be $3500 for the project, +
> $150/month
> (minor adjustments in text, mainly), when updating is needed. Is
> this OK? Is
> this too low or to high?

Within the restraints of what I said above, the 'right
price' is whatever they're prepared to pay above your
minimum costs :-)

I think that your estimate is probably about right, if
your client can afford it.

> 3) I plan to charge about $1500 in advance, and the rest, when the project
> is finished.
> Which is the standard procedure, considering we live in different
> countries?

In order of attractiveness...

1	All of it in advance!
2	What you said
3	30-day terms (I don't permit this one here)

I'd place it behind a password-protected area of your own site
until the client agrees it's finished, then wait for the money
order to wing its way south, then transfer it immediately.

Then send him an Xmas card every year for ever :-)

John Handelaar

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