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Jason Tucker jtucker at enexi.com
Mon Mar 19 16:34:41 CST 2001

Here at my office I've learned to do the following:

1) open up the html file in IE or NS (this may only work in IE on the
windows platform) then go to EDIT >> SELECT ALL (ctrl-a) 

2) copy that by doing EDIT >> COPY (ctrl-c) 

3) then go into Outlook and hit paste it EDIT >> Paste (ctrl-v) and sure
enough your html in now in there. 

I haven't tested to see if this Rewrites your HTML into some sort of
MSWord styled crappy html or not but it does get the job done.

Best of luck to you,



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> Is there a specific program that I need to use in order to
create email
> messages that display HTML instead of text?

Hi Janice,

I struggled with this and encountered many problems trying to use
Outlook Express to send an HTML Newsletter.  People using Lotus
Notes and a friend on a Mac had trouble receiving the html
formatted message.

The best solution I found was a shareware script called Subscribe
Me Lite from http://www.cgiscriptcenter.com/.    It seemed to
work okay for everyone involved.

Hope this helps!
Michele Wandrei
inThree Design

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