[thelist] Stickiness?

Charles Wilson (h) me at charlesw.com
Mon Mar 19 15:14:46 CST 2001

I have some ideas for you..

-Interesting, a large majority of the font- searching people on the internet
just like having more 'cool' fonts.  They aren't graphic designers, and a
lot of time they don't even use them. (I know, having been in the font
community for a couple years.)  Most people are looking for display fonts,
instead of small sans serif fonts that can be used for text blocks in web
pages or print.

To cater to the above users, you might offer the tried and true 'name this
font' feature, allowing people to submit names for each font, and then
recieve the font free, or get their name in the font credits.

Another idea (for the rest of the people using your site); _Please_  give us
a simple page with the fonts catagorized, and links to their display.  Even
better; catagorize your fonts, put them on 2 pages with small -15kb display
images. (I noticed that you used the JPEG format for the "shadowboxer" font-
you might think about using the GIF format with decreased colors.)

Hope that helps.

-Charles Wilson
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> Well, a few months ago, I posted up my personal site --
> -- for your critiques, approval, etc.  Now I've got a new question:  Any
> ideas as to what I can do to increase the "stickiness" of the site?  I'm
> looking to keep people coming back...  Any suggestions would be welcome.
> -- Dan
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