[thelist] tabs or compressing dictionary lists

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 20 11:00:43 CST 2001

in straight HTML, no... that's not how <dl>s work...

you could try it with CSS, but i suspect you will be disappointed 
with the results...

while it's good that you want to use some structural markup in the 
page, the use of the <dl> isn't really appropriate for what you are 
doing, nor can you have that much control over its display...

> From: Jonathon Isaac Swiderski 
<jonathon.swiderski at oberlin.edu>
> Is there a way to compress a dictionary list (<dl>) so that the term
> and definition appear on the same line?
> the code in question looks like:
>  <DL>
>   <DT>tel :
>   <DD>123/456-7890</DD>
>  </DL>
> I would like to have them appear like:
> tel :      123/456-7890
> Does anyone know how to make this happen?  Is there some way to
> compress a dictionary list to one line or use tabs or something so
> that a portion of a line is left-aligned on a point?

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