[thelist] removing yourself from the history list?

Fortune Elkins fortune_elkins at summithq.com
Tue Mar 20 12:24:24 CST 2001


looked at the archives but didn't see quite the thing...

one section of a site i'm working on is in frames. when people search in the
site search engine for these pages, we needed these pages to load into their
proper frame.

so we put a javascript on each one that does a self-test and then loads the
frameset. we also want to add to this script so that the frame based page is
removed from the history list, that is, removes itself from the history
list. how to do this?

when people search they get a search list. if they click on a page, the page
will load the frameset. if, however, they want to use the back button, they
will only get to the page which will again load the frameset!

so we need the page to remove itself from the history list when it loads
itself into the frameset so that the back button will take you back to the
search list!

any hints, tips, tricks or URLs deeply appreciated.<grin>

have a great day,


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