[thelist] CF and Cybercash

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Tue Mar 20 12:35:09 CST 2001


We're having trouble using ColdFusion and Cybercash and we can't pinpoint 
the problem.

We have a custom shopping script (this is the second one built from 
scratch, so we're pretty sure the script isn't the problem) that is doing 
two things wrong:

   - Dropping records that are processed by Cybercash correctly.  We've 
received a payment, but nothing shows up in the database.  We were thinking 
this was because the Cybercash was processed before the database 
insertion.  Maybe the script timed out before Cybercash gave a 
response?  Has this ever been a problem with anyone else?

   - The database and Cybercash are getting out of sync and are bouncing 
error messages (ID 'XX' is already in Cybercash's records).  Not sure what 
is causing this but I'm thinking it's related to the first problem.

A few other notes about the situation:

   - The database is Access (we know, we know), but it's probably not the 
problem.  The app is rarely used (maybe one or two orders in a good week).

   - The hoster is Interland (again, we know, we know), but it's almost 
impossible to determine if they're the problem (in this case) short of 
transferring, which is probably out of the question at the present.

   - We're using the CFX_CYBERCASH custom tag.  Is there a better custom 
tag choice in this case?

And an overall question...is Cybercash even the best choice for 
this?  Interland offers support for Verisign as well, is their's any 
better?  We're also kicking around moving the site to Rackspace.  So, that 
opens up other possibilities.  Who has the best real-time credit card 
authorization system that integrates with ColdFusion?  Is Authorize.net good?

Any help with any of this: recommendations, solutions, ideas, whatever, 
would be most helpful.


Ben Dyer
Senior Internet Developer
Imaginuity Interactive

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