[thelist] CF and Cybercash

Erik Goodlad erik at stirlingbridge.com
Tue Mar 20 13:53:25 CST 2001

As far as your 2nd problem (ID 'XX' is already in Cybercash's records).

We were having this same problem with a project.  We were sending the ID of
our CUSTOMER table to cybercash.  And when the user would renew their
subscription, they would get this error.

We fixed this by adding a TRANSACTIONS table.  So whenever the CFX_CYBERCASH
was used, it created it's own record in the TRANSACTIONS table, with the
record being assigned to the customer, and sent the TRANSACTIONS ID to

This also allowed us to track the status and error codes sent back by the
CFX_CYBERCASH on each transaction.

If there was ever a report of a problem with someone entering in their CC
info, we could look up their transaction history and usually debug the

Hope this helps,

Erik Goodlad
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