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matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Tue Mar 20 14:19:05 CST 2001

the wonderful world of qa:

applying a systematic and consistent plan is the key to releasing good

a lot of built in functions of programs like homesite will
prevent the basics link wrong links and broken images.

the copy aspect is one that you should trust to a copy editor and let them
report back changes/edits to be made. pick a style guide (wired or yale),
and base edits on that.

useability is a big one. depending on the size and scope of the
project/site, you may employ user testing (maybe friends if its small,
maybe a professional service if its large) to see what real world use

as far as the reporting method -- most large shops have bug tracking
software in place to manage the changes/edits that come through for a
project. there is also the simple/cheap way of creating a spreadsheet
(excel) with the page/url/problem/who's assigned/etc. you would only
annotate the pages that require changes to avoid unwieldly columns.

lay over as much process and management as you feel is needed to the
above, and there ya go.


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On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Alan Mccoy wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've just been tasked with developing a site testing (spelling, grammar,
> functionality, broken images & links, useability, etc.) process for our
> shop. We're currently severely lacking in this department, the consequences
> of which are forcing us to miss deadlines and ultimately deliver a product
> containing bugs...Many of which are found by the client.
> Is there a solid, well-documented testing process that any of you use for
> your sites, or one that is documented somewhere on the web?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Alan McCoy
> amccoy at altairtek.com
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