[thelist] Sendmail.asp to mail.cfm

Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
Tue Mar 20 16:23:16 CST 2001

Just use the CFMAIL tag. Check the docs for more info, but basically it's:

<CFMAIL TO="you at you.com" FROM="whatever at whatever.com" SUBJECT="Form
Form results:

Name:		#Form.Name#
Add more stuff here

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> Does anyone know of a script in CFML that will send the contents
> of a form
> on submit in an email. I can do this in ASP with a sendmail.asp
> script but
> am not sure how to do this in CFML. I have a form that contains
> text fields
> and checkboxes. I wish to have all this information to be sent
> back to me in
> an email as opposed to it going into a DB.

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