[thelist] Sendmail.asp to mail.cfm

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Tue Mar 20 16:50:41 CST 2001

> From: "Raymond Camden" <rcamden at allaire.com>
> <CFMAIL TO="you at you.com" FROM="whatever at whatever.com" SUBJECT="Form
> Response">
> Form results:
> Name:  #Form.Name#
> Add more stuff here

Of course you can have the "from" filled in from the form too, so reply
works easily:
<cfmail to="you at you.com" from="#trim(Form.email_address)#" subject="[website
feedback] #trim(Form.subject)#" >  </cfmail>

And then you can have an auto-reply sent from the same template to thank
them, or whatever:
<cfmail to="#trim(Form.email_address)#" from="you at you.com" subject="thanks,


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