[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Natalie Klein nkle at lle.rochester.edu
Tue Mar 20 16:42:06 CST 2001

Are you trying to create something that is evenly spaced, like a sine wave? 
If so, select your points with the with the white arrow. Then go to Windows 
then Align. Use that palate to evenly distribute your points. Then use 
guides to line up the rest of your curves using the bezier handles.

Your points might be messed up to. In your tool box click and hold on the 
pen tool. Then select the arrow thing (last tool in drop down). Using this 
tool, click and drag on your problem point. This should smooth out the curve.

Other suggestions:

Use primitive shapes (circles, squares, etc.) to start your drawing. You 
can slice these shapes up, join them to each other and modify the points.

Sketch your shape on paper and when you have it right, scan it and place it 
into it's own layer in Illustrator. Lock that layer and trace your drawing 
in another layer.

If you have the choice, switch to Freehand. You only have a couple 
multipurpose tools to deal with instead of the multitude Illustrator gives 

Hope this helps,

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