[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Mar 20 16:58:51 CST 2001

Natalie Klein wrote:
> Sketch your shape on paper and when you have it right, scan it and place it
> into it's own layer in Illustrator. Lock that layer and trace your drawing
> in another layer.

This is a *great point*. Highly recommended if you're working from a

Another thought is that in Photoshop you can convert selections to paths
(vectors) and paste them into vector tools. Streamline and Flash are
also tools which can convert bitmaps to vectors. 

Another thought is that you can draw in Flash and export to EPS for
further tweaking in Illustrator.

Ain't vectors fun!

> If you have the choice, switch to Freehand. You only have a couple
> multipurpose tools to deal with instead of the multitude Illustrator gives
> you.

Well, if you have it available, of course.

Freehand is good, but Illustrator vs. Freehand is another religious
argument (see also: Mac v. Windows; BSD vs. Linux, vi vs. emacs). To
each particular thing it's strength kinda thing. Freehand is great at
multidocument stuff, but for drawing I like illustrator better, still.

I also love using my tablet to "draw" in Illustrator with multi-weights.
Nice way to get high quality "handwritten" designs.


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