[thelist] XHTML vs HTML was Web Design Books or Magazines

T.Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Tue Mar 20 18:06:16 CST 2001

At 12:11 PM 3/20/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Phew... Seems to me that it's a good question... I agree that XHTML and,
>especially, XML are something to seriously think about while learning
>current web development.
>It's interesting though that most XML classes that I know of are offered
>as continuing education for those who already know HTML. Meanwhile, some
>of my colleagues are taking web design/development classes where they
>are still being taught classic HTML.

XML is not quite XHTML. XHTML is the bridge between XML and HTML. XHTML, 
except for a few minor differences, is not that unlike HTML 4.01. The W3C 
only fully recommended XHTML a few months ago if I remember correctly, and 
that may be why some courses are not teaching it yet (but then, I've heard 
people are being taught HTML without a DTD, so who knows how teachers are 

Nevertheless, I think everybody should be getting used to XHTML simply 
because of the *well-formed* requirements -- make sure all the tags are 
nested and closed properly -- that's just a good habit, IMO.
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