[thelist] XHTML vs HTML was Web Design Books or Magazines

Jon Haworth JHaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 04:14:42 CST 2001

Correctly-nested tags look like: <p><b>foo bar baz</b></p>
Incorrectly-nested tags look like: <p><b>foo bar baz</p></b>

Browsers will happily cope with incorrect nesting, so check at


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> Nevertheless, I think everybody should be getting used to XHTML simply
because of the *well-formed* requirements -- make sure all the tags >are
nested and closed properly -- that's just a good habit, IMO.
> <tamara />

Hi Tamara -
Long time no write! Have a quick question. What do you mean by "making sure
all the tags are nested ... "? "Closed" I got, but "nested" I'm unsure of
what you mean.

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