[thelist] Is this possible?

Matt Wenham matt at mattwenham.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 08:43:57 CST 2001

Is the following possible with HTTP? If so, I'd be really interested to
know how!




I am asking for a script or server side application that will load a
Flash movie in IDLE time. Idle time is when the user has finished
loading a page and is reading it, when there is no bandwidth being
consumed and the browser is inactive. If the user clicks to go to
another page, the loading of the Flash movie should pause, and then
resume once the new page has finished loading and the browser is once
again dormant, with no bandwidth being used. The idea is that the Flash
movie will be loaded and ready to play in the same browser window when
the user finishes surfing the site that triggers the movie to load.
While the Flash movie is playing, the next site that has been clicked to
will be loading while the movie is playing. The project should be
constructed to run on IIS 4.0 on a Windows NT4 server. It should
probably be a combination of a Java or C++ server side application and
ASP scripting. Any other viable combination is fine, providing the
project runs on IIS over NT4. Any other methods of getting the Flash
movie into the surfers cache, triggered by script in a page will be

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