[thelist] Is this possible?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed Mar 21 10:25:22 CST 2001

A well designed Flash movie will stream just fine on a 56K, even with 
audio - any particular reason they want it to be cached? The fact 
that they wanted to do it server side tells me they are in need of 
some gentle counciling whether they know it or not.

It would however be possible to do using FSCommand (or by checking if 
the page is loaded with a Get URL("JavaScript:[...]") action) - look 
for the load movie FSCommand and you should get some ideas on how it 
can be accomplished by triggering that FSCommand at the onLoad event.

>I am asking for a script or server side application that will load a
>Flash movie in IDLE time.
- Erik Mattheis

(612) 827 3963

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