[thelist] Sending both HTML and plaintext email

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Mar 21 17:04:12 CST 2001

Jason Tucker wrote:
> Our customers have been asked if they would like to receive HTML or TEXT
> emails from us, so that has been taken care of. The mailing program we
> have allows me to set custom Header tags as well as sending HTML and
> TEXT mails. After reading your answer, I can see how bad this can be. We
> may want to scrap the dream of sending a multipart (text/html) version
> and just stick to sending 2 separate mails.. 1 text and 1 html. I was
> just trying to make this process easier for myself and my creative team.

Well, you could partially automate this by authoring the HTML email
first, then doing a
    % lynx -dump 
    % lynx -dump -nolist
of that page. If the original page is authored well, it should produce a
very clean email in plaintext you could send out.

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