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> Wow, thanx for the write up! 
> Our customers have been asked if they would like to receive HTML or TEXT
> emails from us, so that has been taken care of. The mailing program we
> have allows me to set custom Header tags as well as sending HTML and
> TEXT mails. After reading your answer, I can see how bad this can be. We
> may want to scrap the dream of sending a multipart (text/html) version
> and just stick to sending 2 separate mails.. 1 text and 1 html. I was
> just trying to make this process easier for myself and my creative team.

I was going to avoid this thread but there's one thing
missing from the HTML mail discussion:

<tip type="HTML Mail">
There are a lot of system administrators who feel the same
negative way as I do about HTML mail.  DJC is one (so don't
bother trying to send HTML to thelist), and anyone who
(a) agrees with him and (b) runs her office Exchange server,
can shut your HTML mail out at the front door with a
single click of the mouse.

John Handelaar

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