[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Mar 21 17:40:52 CST 2001

"A. Erickson" wrote:
> > Another thought is that in Photoshop you can convert selections to paths
> > (vectors) and paste them into vector tools. Streamline and Flash are
> > also tools which can convert bitmaps to vectors.
> Can they be pasted into Illustrator?

Hey - this is one of mine!

And the answer is yes.

Here's Photoshop -> Illustrator:
  - open an image
  - make a selection of any kind
  - Window > Show Paths
  - (on the black |> triangle on
     the paths palette, do: 
     "Make Work Path"
  - (use 0.5 for more control, 10.0 for less close)
  - double-click the path layer to save it to the document
  - You can use the "Direct Selection Tool" in the pen tools to select
the path
  - Edit > Copy
  - Open Illustrator, New Document
  - Paste

Results vary widely, and using PS for this is very limited - it won't
work for things with color, etc. But I have found it can be a nice
starting point for a new vector drawing.

Now, in flash you can do *always* do an export of the document or a
selection to EPS - which can be opened in Illustrator (or Freehand).

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