[thelist] illustrator paths and points

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Mar 21 18:00:17 CST 2001

Cool beans!

Thanks, Joe and thanks everyone for all your awesome tips. My paths work
seems to be going much better today because of some of your really great

- amanda

Whenever you can, watch someone else use the tools/software that you're
already familiar with. You can learn so much just by seeing what other
methods there are out there for getting things done.

> Hey - this is one of mine!
> And the answer is yes.
> Here's Photoshop -> Illustrator:
>   - open an image
>   - make a selection of any kind
>   - Window > Show Paths
>   - (on the black |> triangle on
>      the paths palette, do:
>      "Make Work Path"
>   - (use 0.5 for more control, 10.0 for less close)
>   - double-click the path layer to save it to the document
>   - You can use the "Direct Selection Tool" in the pen tools to select
> the path
>   - Edit > Copy
>   - Open Illustrator, New Document
>   - Paste
> Results vary widely, and using PS for this is very limited - it won't
> work for things with color, etc. But I have found it can be a nice
> starting point for a new vector drawing.
> Now, in flash you can do *always* do an export of the document or a
> selection to EPS - which can be opened in Illustrator (or Freehand).

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