[thelist] dynamic background?

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Wed Mar 21 20:18:52 CST 2001

>However, I would suspect that one wouldn't really want to
>rotate backgrounds.  Unless they were essentially the same
>lightness, foreground text would vary in how readable it is.
>And if you put anti-aliased images on top, even with
>transparent backgrounds, a differently-coloured background
>would show up all the edges from the intended background
>colour of images placed on top.

http://www.columbia-records.com/ has the best implementation of the dynamic 
background I've seen, in terms of visual presentation. The image isn't 
actually placed in the <background> though, but it does change, I think 
randomly. It also avoids the general problems described by Paola.


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