[thelist] Certification

N@ta$ natas at jam.rr.com
Wed Mar 21 21:01:42 CST 2001

I have been working at a local ISP going on 3 years and lately have
begun to admire our System Administrator due to the fact that almost
ever 4 or 5 months he achieves a new admin certification. First it was
CCNA. Then came CCNP. And now he is up for his CCDA test.

Question is: Does anyone know of such recognizeable certifications that
we, as web designers/developers may qualify for? If so, how do we get



<tip name="from PSD to HTML">
When creating a non-liquid site for a client, I have found it much
faster as easier to splice the PSD from Photoshop in ImageReady and let
IR actually write the initial "Rough Draft" of the HTML file. Once that
is done, all that should be left do do is clean up the code. If the
options are set correctly, this takes about 10 minutes (depending on how
many table cell's you may have).

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