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Michael Roberto mjr at linkzero.com
Thu Mar 22 00:53:18 CST 2001

Absolutely.  The most widely held certifications which I've come across
are Microsoft first, Sun(Java) second, and growing fast Cold Fusion.

For programmers Microsoft offers its MCSD(Microsoft Certified Solutions
Developer) or MCDBA(Microsoft Certified Database Administrator), etc...
These revolve around certification in Microsoft technologies, SQL Server,
ASP, Visual Basic, etc..

Allaire offers the Allaire Certified Professional Program with which you
can get certified as a Cold Fusion Developer(4.5) or a Website Developer.
They also plan on extending their certifications I'm sure to offer JRun,
Spectra, etc..  Also by finishing Allaire's training programs you get a
certificate which states you've taken the Spectra for Developers course,
etc..  Though not a certification it is a formal recognition of the

Sun offers Java Certification for Programmers, Developers and Architects.
All different course outlines, etc..

Macromedia offers its online University, which you can take courses but I
couldn't find a clear outline of a Certification in any macromedia products.
This may be something to come though with the merger between Macromedia and
Allaire.  I can see some sort of certification coming down the road when
Flash, Generator and Cold Fusion collide into several new products.(which
as a CF and Flash developer I think will seriously kickass!!)

More info on the certifications I mentioned can be found...

I think certifications are a mixed bag in general.  If you already know the
stuff you're tested on and you have experience using it, yes a Certification
is a good thing.  The people out there who study specifically for a
certification(Mainly MCSE, MCP, or other Microsoft certifications) you can
clearly tell who actually deserves it and who just studied for the test and
knows absolutely nothing about the products and how they ACTUALLY work!

Hope this helps.


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