[thelist] phpMyAdmin for dummies...

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Thu Mar 22 22:57:04 CST 2001

> > Am I having a
> >
> 'you-don't-know-jack-about-server-administration-and-configuration
> ' problem?
> > Or is it something with phpMyAdmin? Or is it MySQL? I'm stumped...but if
> > anyone can help that'd be great.
Jay Greenspan wrote:
> it's most likely a php upload thing. Have you checked that the
> upload_tmp_dir line of the php.ini is set to something that
> makes sense.

Yeah, the upload directory as specified in php.ini reads 'c:\php\uploadtemp'

Genghis wrote:
Sounds like PHPMyAdmin's config has a normal path like


but it needs the slashes escaped


How exactly you escape things with PHP on Win32 depends
on the PHP app's method of parsing strings :-(   But clearly
the backslashes are being stripped out.

Hmm...where do you do this? It isn't in the PHPMyAdmin file...thats all just
server and error handling stuff. But you're right, the only perceivable
problem is that the backslashes are getting stripped.

I wonder where djc is this evening...

John Corry

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